Here is our top 5 list of the best kitchen knife organizers, kitchen storage solutions and knife drawers. You can buy these products on Etsy. Some products can be customized and most of them have free shipping.

#5 Large Kitchen Knife Holder, Drawer or Counter Organizer and Storage for 4 Large Knives

#5 Large Kitchen Knife Holder, Drawer or Counter Organizer and Storage for 4 Large Knives
Image Credit: NemacDESIGNS

This custom knife organizer is designed to hold a variety of different shaped and sized kitchen knives. It holds 4 large knives comfortably. It’s possible to fit more smaller knives. It fits well in any kitchen drawer that needs a little organization or can even be used on the counter. It’s constructed with solid, durable plastic that will stand up to repeated and extended use.

#4 Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder + Personalization

Image Credit: KWUDLV

Great And beautiful, made from Oak and plywood, addition to your kitchen. Securely holds knives and all other metallic kitchen utensils. Size – 60cm (23” Inches) long and 8cm (3” Inches) height. Easy to attach to any surface in your kitchen – double sided strong grip tape included – tested. No screws or holes in the wall required!

#3 Magnet Knife Block

This unique the traditional block of knives is distinguished by its high design and high functionality. The wooden wedge is completely magnetic, so you can align both sides to 4 knives (total 8), which makes it easier to grip them, and you know their knife that you grab. Because of the nature of the tree, each of them is unique and different in structure and shade.

#2 Custom Knife Block Drawer Organizer

Image Credit: OakForHome

Each one of our high quality custom organizers is created to your exact needs from your specifications. Once the design has been approved by you we build your custom insert with our 3D Printing Technology Platform. Your insert will fit perfectly in your drawer allowing you to see all your items at a glance. We offer a variety of colors to match your style.

#1 Custom Kitchen Organization

Image Credit: WoodenStudioCo

 It is an awesome organizer. It’s very sturdy, the color is beautiful and the different compartment means there is a place for every piece of silverware.