For the same reasons an outdoor cat needs the trunk and lower branches of a tree to ascend upward, and provide a high vantage point, an indoor cat needs a way to get from the floor to the upper reaches of your living room wall. Here are the 14 best cat trees for small apartments.

#14 8-Pc Cat Tree/House

“A Cats Domain” offers this beautiful, well built, listing for a 8- piece cat tree and house collection designed for a 6 feet long wall space for that purpose. This set includes 4- alternating 12″ deep x 15″ long platforms, 1- easy access 3-1/2″ diameter x 30″ long cat scratch post, 1- 12″ x 18″ wall cottage for feline snoozing, 1- 4″ wide x 12″ deep shelf and 30″ colorful cat dazzle.

Set is attached to the wall and used as a series of steps leading to a higher plateau and lots of play, exercise, rest and relaxation for your feline friend.

#13 Sisal Cat Tree Ozzy Natural

 Ergonomic modern design will decorate your interior and keep your pet in shape and bring happy mood to your cat.

• Your pet will not scratch your furniture anymore, as it has its own
• Your cat is always in good shape
• Only environmentally friendly materials
• Modern ergonomic design
• Safe, easy and quick to assemble

#12 Furniture Set For Cats

Product dimensions in inches: 
Height: 67″ (170 cm)

cat tree consists of modules:
• 3x platform D 15,7″ (40 cm)
• 2x Wall mount.
• 4x jute post 35 cm: H 13,8″ (40 cm), D 4.7″ (12 cm)

Material: birch plywood, jute, oil 
Color options: gray, white, black, brown, unpainted.

#11 Caatchi Wall Mounted Scratching Tower

Cats need elevated areas for safety, comfort, exercise and fun. If you’ve ever had to retrieve your kitty from the top of the refrigerator you know how much it enjoys being on the tallest perch in the room. That’s why Caatchi wall Mounted Scratching Tower is the purrfect addition to your home that will cover your cat’s needs such as scratching, jumping, stretching and being in the highest point of your home.

The Caatchi wall Mounted Scratching Tower is sturdy, and easy to assemble.

The Caatchi wall Mounted Scratching Tower grows with your cat, and is designed like lego pieces, you can easy add and remove scratching poles and shelves as needed. 

#10 Deluxe Kitty Climbing Structure

A stylish 67” H multi level, multi purpose cat playground made with natural products; 100% natural sisal, solid wood and a burned finish, no synthetic color added. 

This system gives your cat(s) the possibility to climb, scratch, launch and rest after having loads of fun and exercise.

The structure is held to the wall by the top shelve and to the wall by the base, it’s really simple to assemble and install, all components will be pre-drilled for easy assemble.

#9 Wall Cat Scratcher Cat Steps

Shelf for cats in the form of a suspension bridge and a large pillar for scratches will delight your pet and will no doubt become your favorite place to relax and play with your cat.

Suspension cat bridge will deliver your furry pet to the familiar habitat of cats – these are trees. On the bridge, cats balance how they do it on tree branches.

#8 SEIBA Cat House

Here is completely new and unique, handmade product, which has no analogues on the market. Its uniqueness lies in the special technology of bending the corners, which makes our product particularly durable and quiet. In the process of making this product, we studied a large number of customer reviews regarding a similar product and tried to exclude all the negative points and decisions made by the manufacturers and created a product that will give a lot of emotions and joy to you and your pets.

#7 Pet Steps

Pet steps are the perfect addition to the Cats Mood hexagonal houses your cats play in.

Each step is handcrafted and finished product that does not require assembly.

#6 On2Pets Cat Shelves Set of Two- Curved

This unique product, designed and assembled in the USA, is the only one in the market that allows your feline friend to experience the fun of climbing, stretching, hiding or simply napping on a tree branch.

Since cats love to experience different materials and textures, each set of Canopy shelves features soft and warm carpets on the perches and smooth silk leaves. Our innovative cat shelves address the need of cat owners who want a cat shelf that looks beautiful in their home and provides activity, joy, and fun to their pets.

#5 Hexagon Shelves For Cats

If you are a cat lover or cat owner, you definitely know how much your cat needs entertainment right inside the house. We are cat owners and we KNOW!

Wall shelves for cats will be a wonderful wall decor and will save your space for other things, rather than the cat’s stuff. The hexagon shelves for cat will keep your lovely pet entertained and quite if guests came. 

#4 The Orbit by Faust Brothers Design

Cats and small dogs love the soft, safe, cozy feel of The Orbit. Humans love the sophisticated design.

Constructed from bent laminated birch ply, and upholstered in 100% post consumer recycled polyester fabric or recycled leather. Available in 31 colors of fabric and 21 colors of recycled leather.

If your cat or small dog has difficulty jumping up, opt for our Short Height Option at no extra charge.

#3 Cat Shelves

Furniture for cat on the wall will create many new opportunities in the games of your furry pet, a large variety of steps, shelves, scratches will be appreciated by your cat.

The game complex is simply necessary for active cats. Our designers and technicians developed furniture for cats on the wall, based on the needs of cats for a full and active life.

#2 Wall Mounted Cat Pole Cat Climbing Pole

Cat climbing tree is an essential attribute of your pet’s quality life. This is a tree to climb, a scratching post and the best observation point. It is very important to choose the one that will meet all your requests. We recommend choosing our tall cat tree made from natural materials: wood and jute thread. And also our scratching posts have a good height, which allows cats to sharpen their claws anatomically correctly and stretch their whole body.

#1 Natural Tree For Cat

This tree for a cat is made from high quality wood in western Ukraine according to ancient technology. Which has proven its readability and hopefulness over time.

This tree uses a Sisal thread, which is specially designed by us for your pet. The readability and reliability of the thread is taken into account here. And also its aesthetic light appearance is important. It is lighter in color compared to the Sisal thread, which makes it more attractive.

This tree has six areas for your pet’s pastime.