If you’re looking for kitchen containers or canisters in black, here’s a list of our favorite black kitchen storage jars.

#7 Black Double Wall Jar

Our Black Double Wall plastic jars are great for packing and storing lotions, creams, bath salts beauty cosmetic products and more. The can handle hot and cold items/liquids.

#6 Tea Coffee Sugar Kitchen Storage Canister 

Set Of Black Coffee Tea Sugar With Lettering And Choice Of Colour Lids. Our jars are painted and sealed, it is not recommend to be submerged in water and are not dishwasher safe.

#5 Black Textured Food Storage

3 varying size canisters in black with mixed finishes of gloss and matte. 3 black wood lids with crystal knob accent.

#4 Matt Black Tea Coffee Sugar Biscuit Cookie Jar Canister Set

Matt Black Kitchen Storage Jars . Coffee Tea Sugar Biscuit Cookie jar Canister Set . Great for all Kitchen Storage, Kitchen Decor and Food Storage

#3 Retro Stylish Enamel Tea, Coffee & Sugar Canisters Set

Retro Stylish Enamel Tea, Coffee & Sugar Canisters Set – Black. Store tea, coffee and sugar in these unique Kitchen Canisters. Featuring stylish wooden lids, these canisters are perfect for a contemporary kitchen.

#2 Tea Coffee Sugar Kitchen Storage Canister Set

Set Of 3 Black Coffee Tea Sugar With Wording And Choice Of Colour Lids 

#1 Black Jars with Bamboo Lids

These super sleek 1L Black Storage Jars are the perfect solution to all your kitchen needs! 

These jars have an air tight seal using the sleek Bamboo Lid, which makes them perfect for preserving your kitchen favourites, such as Tea, Coffee & Sugar etc.